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    A Regional NAMA Framework for Solar PV in the Caribbean + Contribute to renewable energy targets with the overall target to decrease dependency on fossil fuels
    Accelerated geothermal electricity development + The NAMA aims to support and expand on existing efforts undertaken by the Government of Kenya in the geothermal sector to create an enabling environment for a significant up-scaling of private investment necessary to achieve the desired accelerated growth.
    Accelerating the Market Transformation to Energy Efficient Lighting + The main activities of NAMA proposal includes the development and enforcement of a National Efficient Lighting Strategy, including minimum energy performance standards (MEPS); monitoring, verification, and enforcement; environmentally sound management (ESM); and communication and distribution campaign showing the benefits of high efficiency LEDs. The support from the proposed NAMA will provide both the design and implementation. Additionally, the project will establish a revolving loan fund (RLF) to accelerate the transition to efficient lighting products.
    Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Rice Cultivation + The objective of the NAMA is to develop a set of measures for sustainable transformation of cultivation practices in the rice sector.
    Adaptive Sustainable Forest Management in Borjomi-Bakuriani Forest District + Generate a relevant climate change adaptation and mitigation impact in the Borjomi-Bakuriani pilot region as basis for upscaling and policy development at national level, and to improve the livelihood of people by supporting the sustainable development of forest ecosystems in Georgia
    Agroforestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Land + Agroforestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Land, in short Agroforestry, is a Locally Appropriate Mitigation Action (LAMA) intended to rehabilitate degraded land in Indonesia.
    Assisted phytostabilization of massive mine wastes + The goal of the study was the development of cost-effective methods for assisted phytostabilization of TSF using biosolids (and other massive organic residues)


    Bio-energy generation and greenhouse-gases mitigation though organic-waste utilization + The overall mission of this project will be to develop and disseminate environment-friendly and cost-effective technologies and management practices of bio-energy generation from organic waste for sustainable development in agriculture and water sectors to attain and sustain cost-effective farming systems and reduce greenhouse gases emission.
    Bioenergy NAMA + The objective of the NAMA is to develop a mode for the strategic management of bioenergy in Peru.
    Biogas NAMA in Vietnam + Livestock waste management of medium sized farms (1,000 – 10,000 tons waste per year), and production of biogas.
    Biogas for onsite power generation for medium/large pig Farms + The NAMA aims to foster the use of biogas power at pig farms in medium and large-scale farms in rural areas of Vietnam.
    Blue Carbon NAMA Conserve and Restore Mangroves in the Dominican Republic + Enable the Dominican Republic to sequester and store substantial blue carbon through the conservation and restoration of mangroves, thus diminishing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. The path to achieving this result through this NAMA includes enhancing and focusing the national level policy environment through collective understanding and commitment to the NAMA; the application of sound science in quantifying the country’s current and potential carbon sequestering and storage capacity; analysis and pursuit of potential carbon credit income for the Dominican Republic; and a participatory role for the private sector and communities around the country to actively support conservation and restoration efforts.
    Burkina Faso Biomass Energy NAMA Support + The main objective of the NAMA Support Project is to make biomass energy a commercially viable, renewable and low emission energy sector.
    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for Kampala + The purpose of this NAMA is to improve the efficiency of public transport, by moving commuters from private vehicles to public transportation to address both traffic and pollution problems. The NAMA will reduce transport emissions in the Kampala metropolitan region from a business as usual baseline.
    Bus Rapid Transit in Kigali + Implementation of an efficient bus rapid transit (BRT) system for the city in Kigali, with linkage to non-motorized transport


    CSP NAMA + The objective is to construct a single CSP plant with an approximate capacity of 50MW in the north of Chile
    Car Fleet Renewal in Mexico + This NAMA seeks to promote a program that incentivizes the efficiency in the consumption of fossil fuels through the substitution of 500 thousand vehicles with an age of 15 years or older with new vehicles in order to renew the national fleet.
    Catalytic Program for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings + The Catalytic Program for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings (ProCEEEP) will target technological changes in air conditioning systems and lamps that are currently installed in public buildings. In El Salvador, the consumption of electricity by government public buildings (including 7,255 buildings according to the latest government census) is about 245 GWh / year, equivalent to approximately 4.2% of the national demand, which was 5,833 GWh in 2015. ProCEEEP will have a duration of 5 years and will be aimed at reducing 26.84 ktCO2e (or 59.1 GWh) during the period of 2018 to 2022. This will be achieved through the replacement of 20% of the inefficient equipment currently used (air conditioners and lamps) by high efficiency technologies in the public building sector (e.g. inverter mini splits and LED lamps).
    Cement Industry NAMA + The NAMA aims to support the companies in achieving industry targets and in applying process and technology modification. Cement industries are expected to reduce their GHG emission voluntarily by 2% in 2011-2015 and mandatorily by an additional 3% in 2016-2020.
    Cement NAMA + This NAMA seeks to avoid the use of coke through a programme to co-process municipal waste to produce cement.
    Cement NAMA in Peru + The overall objective of the NAMA is to establish the enabling environment to promote low carbon development in the cement industry while raising its competitiveness at the same time.
    Circular Economy Solid Waste Management Approach for Urban Areas + The objective of the NAMA is to promote an alternative to the existing waste value chain in Kenya. The rationale behind this NAMA is that the waste sector in Kenya faces numerous challenges and Nairobi, for example, produces around 2,400 tons of waste every day, of which only 38% is collected and less than 10% recycled. The remaining 62% is left on illegal dumpsites and next to houses or burned, causing severe health and environmental problems.
    City wide mitigation programme of Greater Amman Municipality + To reduce emissions in municipal waste, urban transport, sustainable energy, and urban forestry estimated to average around 560 ktCO2e per year.
    Clean Production Agreements in Chile + In Chile, the promotion of cleaner production is promoted and coordinated by the National Council for Clean Production (NCCP), an institution under the Ministry of Economy. One of the goals of NCCP for 2020 is to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases through its main management instrument, the Clean Production Agreement (CPA). This voluntary agreement is negotiated and signed by the representative of the industrial organization on behalf of the companies in a particular productive sector and a public administration sector.
    Clean energy production in the Kakheti region + Construction of 10 hydro power plants in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia to reduce fossil fuel based electricity generation and related GHG emissions.
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