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Capacity building support Yes  +
Country name Chile  +
Currency US$  +
Description of activities The plan is to construct a single CSP plan The plan is to construct a single CSP plant in the north of the country. According to the CTF Investment Plan for Chile, tendering for plant construction will be Oct 2012 and the plant should be finished by Aug 2015. CSP is of particular interest in the northern region of Chile because by using energy storage, it can better meet the particular demand profile of customers on that grid (24 hour flat demand). The plant will reduce the intermittent generation constraints of non conventional renewable energy.ints of non conventional renewable energy.
Economic benefits CSP technology can mitigate the negative impacts of fossil fuel price volatility and increase consumer energy security.
End of implementation 21 April 2015  +
Financial support Yes  +
Financing status Fully funded  +
Highlight No
International funder Clean Technology Fund (CTF) , Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Last edited 21 April 2016 06:48:27  +
MRV approach CTF investment plan for Chile includes the CTF investment plan for Chile includes the following key indicators:
CTF Transformative impact * Transformed energy supply to low-carbon development pathways * Decreased carbon footprint of Chilean industry CTF Catalytic Replication Outcomes * Increased employment generated * Increased development of solar power plants * Increase investment in renewable energy self supply and energy efficiency Key indicators for the CSP project include: * Direct GHG emissions avoided * Increasted energy generation and capacity from solar power plants * Leveraging new and additional resources for clean technology projects.
l resources for clean technology projects.
MRV timeframe begins 2012  +
MRV timeframe ends 2030  +
Mitigate 2015 0.129  +
Mitigate 2020 0.129  +
Mitigate 2025 0.129  +
Mitigate 2030 0.129  +
Objective The objective is to construct a single CSP plant with an approximate capacity of 50MW in the north of Chile
Organizations providing technical support Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Proponent Government of Chile
Scope of action Not known  +
Sector name Energy  +
Source of financing Multilateral  +
Stage Under development  +
Start of implementation 21 April 2012  +
Start of initiative 21 April 2012  +
Sub-sector Renewable energy (solar)  +
Technology transfer support Yes  +
Total cost 486  +
Total emission reductions 2.586  +
Type of NAMA Supported (with unilateral elements)  +
Type of action Project  +
Type of financing Loan  +
UNFCCC registry submission false  +
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