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    To add and edit pages in this wiki, you must first .

    The NAMA Database uses a standard form which facilitates the gathering of information. The form contains basic information on the NAMA, a description of activities, financing details, potential impact and MRV process. Not all of the questions need to be answered to be included, questions can be left blank.

    To create a new NAMA, begin by entering the title. If an entry with the same title already exist, you will be sent to a form to edit that entry. To avoid duplication, please check the country pages and use the search box above to make sure that this NAMA is not already in our database

    Before you start, please read about: What's included in the database?

    See also the sector definitions.

    New countries

    If there is a new country you would like to add to the database, please add it here:

    There must be at least 1 NAMA for the country to be included.