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    Information on NAMAsGeneral information on the history and concept of NAMAs, highlights of the NAMA database and links to further literature including the Annual Status Report.
    Resources for NAMA developmentDocuments, templates and considerations for key phases of the NAMA development process.
    Browse the NAMA databaseComplete access to view and contribute to NAMA Database data.
    Download the NAMA database pipelineNAMA Database data available in the form of an excel table download, complete with a separate sheet for analysis.
    Country specific literatureView and contribute literature specific to each country.
    Links for partners and further infoFind links to other relevant pages and materials related to NAMA, including further data sources and guides.
    Featured literature
    Fileicon-pdf.png NAMA-Status-Report-may-2016.pdf
    Release date: June 2016

    Fileicon-pdf.png Mitigation Momentum Annual Status Report Dec 2015.pdf
    Release date: 1 December 2015

    Fileicon-pdf.png NAMA-Status-Report-June-2015.pdf
    Release date: June 2015

    Fileicon-pdf.png Mitigation-momentum-annual-status-report-2014.pdf
    Release date: 6 January 2014

    Fileicon-pdf.png Energy Efficiency NAMA.pdf
    Release date: 1 January 2014

    Fileicon-pdf.png Annual Status Report on NAMAs 2013.pdf
    Release date: 12 January 2013

    Fileicon-pdf.png Status Report 2013 june update.pdf
    Release date: 5 January 2013

    Fileicon-pdf.png Annual Status Report 27-11-2012.pdf
    Release date: November 2012

    Fileicon-pdf.png Annual Status Report on NAMAs - Update May 2012.pdf
    Release date: 5 January 2012