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    Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions




    The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.

      Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
    Transforming construction in Mongolia using Supplementary Cementitious Materials Under development Industry Energy efficiency The objective of the proposed NAMA is to initiate the transformation of Mongolia’s construction sector towards a less carbon intensive development path through the introduction of supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) that can replace up to 70% of cement in concrete. SCM are produced by a mechanical process that consumes 90-95% less energy compared to cement manufacture. The envisaged measures consist of the establishment a 350,000 t/y SCM production facility, the design of supportive policies and management of the standardization process.
    NAMA in the construction sector Under development Buildings
    Energy efficiency The objective of the NAMA is to facilitate market transformation for energy efficiency in the construction sector.
    NAMA for Grassland and Livestock Management in Mongolia Under development Agriculture Crops (incl. NO2 from fertilizer use)
    Land-use (incl. peatlands)
    The objective of the NAMA is to combat desertification and reduce GHG emissions in one of the most emitting sector in Mongolia
    NAMA Urban Passenger Transport Ulaanbaatar Under development Transport Public transport
    Passenger vehicles
    The overall objective of the NAMA is to establish a sustainable urban passenger transport system in Ulaanbaatar
    National Energy Efficient Lighting Program in Mongolia Under development Energy Energy efficiency The outlined project involves the installation of energy efficient lighting equipments in residential, industrial, commercial and outdoor sectors to replace the inefficient lighting lamps in Mongolia.

    Feasibility studies for NAMAs

      Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
    Multipurpose utilization of biochar in Mongolia Feasibility study Agriculture
    Renewable energy (biomass) This NAMA intends to leverage the use of biochar across the country.


    Start of initiatives
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