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    This is a property of type String.

    The allowed values for this property are:

    • Renewable energy (unspecified)
    • Renewable energy (solar)
    • Renewable energy (wind)
    • Renewable energy (biomass)
    • Renewable energy (geothermal)
    • Energy efficiency
    • Low carbon fuels
    • Refining and energy production
    • Process emissions
    • Energy efficiency(residential)
    • Energy efficiency (public and commercial)
    • Alternative fuels
    • Air transport and shipping
    • Public transport
    • Road cargo
    • Rail cargo
    • Non-motorized transport
    • Passenger vehicles
    • Urban planning and Transit management
    • Solid waste management
    • Waste water
    • Methane capture
    • Crops (incl. NO2 from fertilizer use)
    • Livestock
    • Land-use (incl. peatlands)
    • Afforestation
    • Forest management
    • Urban forests

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    A Regional NAMA Framework for Solar PV in the Caribbean + Renewable energy (solar)  +
    Accelerated geothermal electricity development + Renewable energy (geothermal)  +
    Accelerating the Market Transformation to Energy Efficient Lighting + Energy efficiency  +
    Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Rice Cultivation + Crops (incl. NO2 from fertilizer use)  +


    Bio-energy generation and greenhouse-gases mitigation though organic-waste utilization + Renewable energy (biomass)  +
    Bioenergy NAMA + Renewable energy (biomass)  +
    Biogas NAMA in Vietnam + Renewable energy (biomass)  +
    Biogas for onsite power generation for medium/large pig Farms + Renewable energy (biomass)  +, Energy efficiency  +
    Burkina Faso Biomass Energy NAMA Support + Renewable energy (biomass)  +
    Bus Rapid Transit in Kigali + Public transport  +, Non-motorized transport  +


    CSP NAMA + Renewable energy (solar)  +
    Catalytic Program for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings + Energy efficiency  +
    Cement NAMA + Energy efficiency  +
    Cement NAMA in Peru + Energy efficiency  +
    Circular Economy Solid Waste Management Approach for Urban Areas + Solid waste management  +
    City wide mitigation programme of Greater Amman Municipality + Renewable energy (unspecified)  +
    Clean Production Agreements in Chile + Energy efficiency  +
    Cogeneration in the mexican Oil and Gas sector + Energy efficiency  +
    Combined cycle power plant in the coastal area of Syrian Arab Republic + Energy efficiency  +, Low carbon fuels  +
    Communit Forest Partnership for Wood Biomass Based Energy - CFFBE NAMA + Renewable energy (biomass)  +
    Comprehensive mobility plan for Belo Horizonte, Brazil + Public transport  +, Non-motorized transport  +, Passenger vehicles  +, …
    Construction of a Super-critical Lignite Power Plant TTP Kostolac B + Energy efficiency  +


    De-risking Renewable Energy NAMA for the Nigerian Power Sector + Renewable energy (unspecified)  +
    Debottlenecking project finance for least cost renewables in Indonesia - DEEP NAMA + Renewable energy (unspecified)  +
    Decentralized PV NAMA + Renewable energy (solar)  +
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