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    Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions




    The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.

      Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
    Ethiopian Green Energy NAMA Under development Energy Renewable energy (unspecified) The objective of the Green Energy NAMA is to develop a rural electrification program, staring with pilot projects using RE mini grids
    Ethiopian Urban NAMA: Creating Opportunities for Municipalities to Produce and Operationalise Solid Waste Transformation (COMPOST) Under development Waste Solid waste management This NAMA aims to promote significantly greater use of Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) and Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) approaches in Ethiopian cities and towns in alignment with the national Growth and Transformation Plan for the urban sector.
    Ethiopia Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Transit Oriented Development NAMA Under development Transport The envisaged infrastructure consists of two railway project components: the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the National Railway Network (NRN). Transport Oriented Development (TOD) is an urban development concept, which promotes mixed-­‐use public, residential and commercial areas, favouring non-­‐motorized modes of transport. High-­‐density urban development along the LRT will increase revenues through ticketing (enhanced ridership) and increase the value of land/leases, which will contribute to the sustainable operation of the LRT.
    Ethiopia Railways Establishment of Climate Vulnerability Infrastructure Investment Framework NAMA Under development Transport Rail cargo The Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC) seeks assistance to enhance its understanding of likely impacts of climate change on its envisioned infrastructure, which will enable ERC to integrate these impacts in crucial long-­‐term investment decisions.
    Ethiopian Railways Railway Academy NAMA Under development Transport Rail cargo Through this NAMA, the Ethiopian Railway Company (ERC) is seeking support for the preparation of feasibility study for the Construction of the Academy; procurement of interior and lab equipment, formulation of curricula and the formulation of an academy business plan.


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