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    Sector Transport
    Focus area
    (no data)
    Type of action Project
    Scope Not known
    Stage Under development
    Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
    Start of initiative
    (no data)
    Financing and support details
    Financing status Seeking financing
    Total cost US$ 8.9 mln
    Financing requested US$ 7.7 mln
    Financing received to-date US$ 1.2 mln
    Principal source of financing Not known
    Principal type of financing Not known
    Capacity building required Yes
    Technology transfer required Yes
    Additional information
    Proponent(s) Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC)
    International funder(s)
    (no data)
    Organization providing technical support
    (no data)
    Contact Mr. Shewangizaw Kifle,

    The envisaged infrastructure consists of two railway project components: the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the National Railway Network (NRN). Transport Oriented Development (TOD) is an urban development concept, which promotes mixed-­‐use public, residential and commercial areas, favouring non-­‐motorized modes of transport. High-­‐density urban development along the LRT will increase revenues through ticketing (enhanced ridership) and increase the value of land/leases, which will contribute to the sustainable operation of the LRT.

    The NAMA will address amongst others the design of the pilots through the preparation of a bankable feasibility study, the regulatory frameworks and an operational cooperation structure.

    Investments in social housing estates and commercial property development for SMEs will be incentivised under the pilot TOD. The NAMA assists in the preparation of a structured debt fund to take away the risk for private sector investment for social housing and SMEs in particular and will prepare the conditions for public-­‐private partnerships.

    Activities include


    • establishing an Institutional framework and making it operational for TOD implementation
    • stakeholder consultation
    • capacity building for TOD implementation (TOD, MRV, structured fund related)
    • establishment of a Project Implementation Unit


    • establish TOD regulatory framework
    • consultations with implementing partners
    • assessment of existing policies and gap analysis
    • incorporation of TOD in National Transport Policy, Urban Transport Policy and Urban Master Plan
    • Formulation and update of TOD related policies and regulations, including land and tax regulations,
    • Development of TOD zoning
    • Formulation of legal framework for Public Private Partnerships


    • Detailed TOD implementation plan for 10 stations of the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit


    • Design a structured debt fund


    • MRV system developed

    Impact and MRV

    No Data Available.png
    Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
    Mitigative capacity:

    No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


    Social: TOD will increase transport safety, reduce pollution, lower costs of transport and provide easy access to work and business.
    Economic: Establishing the TOD may also take place through public-­‐private partnership (PPP). Such co-­‐development structures are without precedent in Ethiopia.
    Environmental: Information has not been provided

    MRV Framework:
    No MRV plan has been defined


    The Government of Ethiopia through ERC will provide co­‐funding of USD 1.2 million for the purpose of the preparation of the bankable feasibility study. The other USD 7.7 shall be obtained through international support.