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    Zarqa Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Energy Project (ZIWWTE)– provision of industrial treated waste water and energy in Zarqa.

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    Sector Waste
    Focus area
    (no data)
    Type of action Project
    Scope Sub-national
    Stage Under development
    Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
    Start of initiative 2011
    Financing and support details
    Financing status Seeking financing
    Total cost
    (no data)
    Financing requested
    (no data)
    Financing received to-date
    (no data)
    Principal source of financing Bilateral
    Principal type of financing Grant
    Capacity building required Yes
    Technology transfer required Yes
    Additional information
    Proponent(s) Ministry of Environment
    International funder(s) World Bank/USAID
    Organization providing technical support World Bank/USAID
    Contact Ahmad Alqatarneh, Secretary General, Amman, Um Uthaina, King Faisal Street, Building No.182

    Reduce emissions from waste water treatment plant and generate heat and electricity

    The pilot NAMA consists of two main components:

    • Pilot project: Zarqa Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Energy Project (ZIWWTE)– provision of industrial treated waste water and energy in Zarqa.
    • Policy component: Supporting regulations and capacity building to support sector transformation and project replicability.

    The submission to the UNFCCC registry mainly focuses on capacity building support for government and private sector stakeholders to enable them to prepare low carbon projects and/or programs and procure public private partnerships.

    Impact and MRV

    No Data Available.png
    Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
    Mitigative capacity:

    No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


    Social: Social co-benefits include: improved public health, reduced odours, reduced incidences of respiratory illness and an increased access to limited water resources.
    Economic: These include capacity building in the waste water sector, direct jobs created, reduced energy imports which are displaced by the production of biogas from the facility and cost savings from pumping equipment.
    Environmental: Local air quality, reduction in the uses of groundwater and corresponding increase in potable water, a better quality of affluent discharged to surface waters, sludge from organics stream to be used as soil improver/compost and reduced water extraction rates.
    • Improved quality groundwater
    • Avoided waste disposal of organic biomass
    • Conservation of water resources.

    MRV Framework:
    No MRV plan has been defined


    A part of the NAMA has been submitted to the UNFCCC prototype registry as seeking support for implementation
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