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    Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions




    The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.

      Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
    Adaptive Sustainable Forest Management in Borjomi-Bakuriani Forest District Implementation Forestry Generate a relevant climate change adaptation and mitigation impact in the Borjomi-Bakuriani pilot region as basis for upscaling and policy development at national level, and to improve the livelihood of people by supporting the sustainable development of forest ecosystems in Georgia
    Efficient use of biomass for equitable, climate proof and sustainable rural development Under development Agriculture
    Renewable energy (unspecified) The objective of the NAMA is to contribute to transformational change in the energy supply of rural areas, aiming for efficient use of biomass through the use and up-scaling of Solar Water Heaters (SWH), Fuel Efficient Wood Stoves (FEWS), Energy Efficient Insulation (EEI) Measures in rural households and public buildings and sustainable forest management.
    Clean energy production in the Kakheti region Under development Energy Construction of 10 hydro power plants in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia to reduce fossil fuel based electricity generation and related GHG emissions.
    Low Carbon Buildings in Georgia Under development Buildings The NAMA is aimed at long term transformation of building energy efficiency with a first focus on building readiness to create the necessary regulatory structures to support the nationwide adoption of deep energy efficient refurbishment and rehabilitation of the existing building stock.

    Feasibility studies for NAMAs

      Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
    V-NAMA for the urban transport sector Feasibility study Transport Public transport
    Rail cargo
    Passenger vehicles
    Urban planning and Transit management
    The objective of the NAMA is to reduce GHG emissions in the urban transport sector.


    Start of initiatives
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