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    Unilateral NAMA: Sustainable road-based freight transport Colombia

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    Sector Transport
    Focus area
    (no data)
    Type of action Strategy/Policy
    Scope National
    Stage Implementation
    Submitted to UNFCCC registry No
    Start of initiative
    (no data)
    Financing and support details
    Financing status Seeking financing
    Total cost US$ 15 mln
    Financing requested
    (no data)
    Financing received to-date
    (no data)
    Principal source of financing
    (no data)
    Principal type of financing
    (no data)
    Capacity building required Unknown
    Technology transfer required Unknown
    Additional information
    Proponent(s) Ministry of Transport, Colombia
    International funder(s) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammen Arbeit (GIZ), Inter-American Development Bank
    Organization providing technical support
    (no data)
    Contact not available

    Accelerate the renovation of the cargo vehicle fleet with the aim to improve economic competitiveness and environmental performance of the freight transport sector.

    Activities: (2015 - 2016)
    This NAMA will support the implementation of a comprehensive policy of improvement of road-based freight in Colombia. The country has developed three main policies and a set of standards that are aimed at creating a more efficient sector. The NAMA seeks to complement this work with MRV development and implementation and complementary activities. The main mitigation actions of this NAMA are:

    • Fuel and efficiency standards
    • Fleet renovation
    • Improvement of the organizational setup of the freight sector
    • Improvement of logistics in the freight sector.

    The NAMA seeks to enhance the development of the road-based freight sector playing a catalytic role in reducing emissions, developing an MRV and building capacity in the relevant stakeholders.

    A pilot study has been carried out to build the planning and implementation capacity of the Ministry of Transport and the National Planning Department in Colombia, to structure NAMAs in the transportation sector, specifically in the field of freight transportation. It entailed drafting of a model national-level NAMA for green logistics, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

    Impact and MRV

    No Data Available.png
    Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
    Mitigative capacity:

    Expected mitigation impact in CO2eq 0.52 Mt/y


    Social: Road safety: 150 fatal accidents, 715 serious accidents and 4,000 simple accidents less in the first year
    Economic: Diesel consumption reductions: 93 million gallons in the first year
    Environmental: PM: 1,000 tons per year

    MRV Framework:


    Data is captured by local authorities and they must submit such information to Ministry of Transport.


    • Vehicle equivalent emission factor (g pollutant /km) based on vehicle fuel consumption.
    • Vehicle activity factor (distance travelled in a year)
    • Vehicle fleet number divided into categories
    • Number of vehicles
    • Fatalities and accidents report

    The NAMA has complete political support in the form of 600 million USD financing from the national government which have been established for the fleet renovation process.
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