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    Example of a development process for NAMAs

    The development of a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action is composed of a number of stages. These stages include: 1.Assessment of the technical and political context in a country, 2. The identification and selection of mitigation options 3. Detailed NAMA development, 4. Implementation and monitoring, 5. Reporting and verification (MRV).



    Templates can be used to facilitate NAMA development and guide the process. Examples of a NAMA concept note and NAMA proposal document, which can be used at different stages of the NAMA development process, are given below.

    NAMA concept note

    The concept note will provide a brief summary of the NAMA idea, including basic information on the planned activities, expected costs and benefits. It would be produced following the initial assessment. A proposed form has been created in Excel format. It provides a structured and concise overview in 2-3 pages. The concept note could be used for initial discussions with potential NAMA supporters or to contribute to national prioritisation and decision-making.


    NAMA proposal

    The proposal provides a detailed picture of the proposed NAMA, including the national context and baseline scenario, the rationale for activities and details of implementation as well as MRV. The proposed template is a structured Microsoft Word document which includes the information needed to allow potential funders for NAMAs to take a funding decision. Supporting information and detailed calculations are included in appendices.