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Download the NAMA Database

You can either download the content of the NAMA Database as Excel file or as csv files. Note that the Excel file does not always reflect most recent changes. It is updated manually by the administrator of the website. The csv file download draws unformatted but up-to-date information from the the NAMA Database.

Download the Excel version of the NAMA Database:

Version Sep 3, 2013

Download the NAMA Database as a csv file

...with '.' as decimal separator:


...with ',' as decimal separator:


Templates and other resources

UNFCCC NAMA Registry prototype templates

Ecofys NAMA concept note

The concept note will provide a brief summary of the NAMA idea, including basic information on the planned activities, expected costs and benefits. It would be produced following the initial assessment. A proposed form has been created in Excel format. It provides a structured and concise overview in 2-3 pages. The concept note could be used for initial discussions with potential NAMA supporters or to contribute to national prioritisation and decision-making.


Ecofys NAMA proposal The proposal provides a detailed picture of the proposed NAMA including the national context and baseline scenario, the rationale for activities and details of implementation and MRV. The proposed template is a structured Word template which should present sufficient information to allow potential funders for NAMAs to take a funding decision. Supporting information and detailed calculations are included in appendices.


Literature and references

NAMAs Insights from example development
Presentation - NAMAs after Durban? What lies ahead

Annual status report on NAMAs

Dec 2011 Annual Status Report
Dec 2012 Annual Status Report
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