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    Integrated Wastewater Treatment for Agro process Water in Uganda

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    Sector Waste
    Focus area
    (no data)
    Type of action Not known
    Scope Not known
    Stage Under development
    Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
    Start of initiative
    (no data)
    Financing and support details
    Financing status Not known
    Total cost
    (no data)
    Financing requested 0.25 mln
    Financing received to-date
    (no data)
    Principal source of financing Not known
    Principal type of financing Not known
    Capacity building required Unknown
    Technology transfer required Unknown
    Additional information
    Proponent(s) Climate Change Department
    International funder(s)
    (no data)
    Organization providing technical support
    (no data)
    Contact Ag. Commissioner Chebet Maikut,

    There is a high national priority to address the problem of poorly or untreated treated wastewater discharge in urban areas given the extent of pollution, especially in Lake Victoria basin. The NAMA will assist in reducing pollution loads from agro-processing factories on surface water systems, especially the Lake Victoria basin.

    The NAMA seeks to increase efficiency and value addition prospects for wastewater treatment of agro-processing firms by establishing an integrated wastewater treatment process using both an anaerobic and aerobic digester with sequencing batch reactor.

    From the two processes, GHGs especially methane will be captured in the form of biogas and using a generator converted to electricity, and/or used directly for cooking and lighting where the volumes of biogas generated are small. Also, the process will lead to generation of large volumes of bio-slurry that can be used for producing bio-fertilizers, while the treated wastewater can be re-used in some of the targeted facilities.

    Impact and MRV

    No Data Available.png
    Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
    Mitigative capacity:

    No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


    Social: Information has not been provided
    Economic: Information has not been provided
    Environmental: Information has not been provided

    MRV Framework:
    No MRV plan has been defined


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