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    What's included in the database?

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    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Criteria
      • 2.1 Submitted to the UNFCCC NAMA registry
      • 2.2 Feasibility study
      • 2.3 Under development
      • 2.4 Implementation stage
    • 3 Classification
      • 3.1 Strategy
      • 3.2 Policy
      • 3.3 Project


    The NAMA database seeks to track actual NAMA development activity on the ground. Our mission is to create a valuable source of information for policy makers, researchers and other interested stakeholders to increase knowledge-sharing and cooperation in NAMA development. It is not intended to duplicate information available at the UNFCCC level such as the official submissions or preempt the future UNFCCC NAMA registry. As the purpose of the database is information sharing thresholds for inclusion in the database may be lower than in a future registry.

    At a general level, the database only tracks NAMAs which are seeking international finance, technology or capacity building support. Unilateral NAMAs will not be included unless a clear finance, technology or capacity building need has been specified. The database also includes only those NAMAs which indicate specific actions. These may include strategies and plans, policies and programmes or specific projects. Targets are not considered NAMAs for the purpose of this database.

    In the absence of agreed criteria on what activities qualify as supported NAMAs we have developed our own criteria and methodology for including NAMAs in the database. This is simply a start and we expect that the methodology will be further refined as the topic advances inside and outside of the negotiations.

    The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.


    Criteria for including a NAMA in the database vary according to the stage of the NAMA and are set as follows:

    Submitted to the UNFCCC NAMA registry

    Any NAMA for preparation or implementation that has been submitted to the UNFCCC NAMA registry. These NAMAs should additionally be categorised as either 'under development' or 'in implementation'.

    Feasibility study

    A feasibility study describes a potential NAMA but does not yet have government backing.

    Under development

    A NAMA under development concept meets all of the following criteria:

    • Described as a NAMA and/or intention to seek financing, capacity building or technology transfer support under UNFCCC agreements
    • Specific mitigation objective given
    • Published or traceable sources
    • Country specified
    • Sector(s) specified
    • Government backing

    Implementation stage

    NAMAs in the implementation stage must meet all of the following criteria:

    • NAMA has a prior NAMA proposal presented to the UNFCCC.
    • Some support secured to undertake implementation activities specified in this proposal.
    • Cost estimates
    • Specification of support needs
    • Estimates for GHG mitigation
    • Timeframe for implementation specified
    • Clear proponent
    • Specification of types of activities


    The NAMAs in the database are classified according to three broad categories which try to group the types of activities that are being proposed by countries as supported NAMAs.


    A strategy is a long-term comprehensive plan of measures and actions designed to achieve a common goal. Some examples include:

    • Long term transformative plan to switch to renewable energy.
    • Plan to improve transit management.


    A government-led programme or measure that has been or is intended to be embodied in legislation. Examples include:

    • Feed-in-tariff
    • Emissions trading scheme
    • Subsidy scheme


    A localized activity that has a defined timeline and scope. For example:

    • Building of a concentrated solar power plant
    • Building a Bus-Rapid-Transit system

    A NAMA may include one or more activity types. In the database, the NAMAs were categorised according to what seemed to be the dominant activity.

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