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    Sector definitions

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    Sector name Definition Sub-sectors
    Energy supply All energy production processes, including central/public electric utility and heat production and fossil fuel extraction and refining. Mitigation activities in this sector could include energy efficiency, low-carbon fuels and renewable energy.
    • Renewable energy (unspecified)
    • Renewable energy (solar)
    • Renewable energy (wind)
    • Renewable energy (biomass)
    • Renewable energy (geothermal)
    • Energy efficiency
    • Low carbon fuels
    • Refining and energy production
    Industry All industry energy and process emissions. This includes electricity and heat generation for self use. Mitigation activities could include improving energy efficiency through new machinery and reductions in non-CO2 process emissions.
    • Energy efficiency
    • Process emissions
    Buildings All energy consumed in residential, commercial and public buildings; including fuels and electricity. Examples of mitigation actions include those that promote a more efficient use of energy e.g. renovation of buildings and insulation programmes, efficient lighting.
    • Energy efficiency (residential)
    • Energy efficiency (public and commercial)
    • Building-integrated renewables
    Transport All energy used in transport (all modes). The transport sector also accounts for agricultural emissions related to fuel consumption, as much of it is caused by the transportation of agricultural products. Mitigation activities include promoting non-motorized transport and public transit projects among others.
    • Air transport and shipping
    • Public transport
    • Road cargo
    • Rail cargo
    • Non-motorized transport
    • Passenger vehicles
    • Urban planning and transit management
    Waste This sector includes all emissions from waste and waste treatment. Mitigation activities could include waste incineration, landfill methane capture and wastewater treatment among others.
    • Solid waste management
    • Wastewater
    • Methane capture
    Agriculture Non-energy related emissions from agriculture, which include CO2 and non-CO2 emissions. Avoided emissions from anaerobic decomposition of livestock waste should be included here. An example of a mitigation activity is the construction of biogas digesters.
    • Crops (incl. NO2 from fertilizer use)
    • Livestock
    • Land-use (incl. peatlands)
    Forestry Non-energy related emissions from forestry, which include CO2 and non-CO2 emissions. Examples of mitigation activities include afforestation programmes. Urban forestry is also taken into account in this sector.
    • Afforestation
    • Forest management
    • Urban forests
    • Land-use (incl. peatlands)
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