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    Philippine Financing Facility to Support Private Sector Participation to RE Development

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    Sector Energy
    Focus area Renewable energy (unspecified)
    Type of action Project
    Scope National
    Stage Under development
    Submitted to UNFCCC registry No
    Start of initiative 2014
    Financing and support details
    Financing status Seeking financing
    Total cost EUR 21.24 mln
    Financing requested EUR 21.24 mln
    Financing received to-date
    (no data)
    Principal source of financing Multilateral
    Principal type of financing Grant
    Capacity building required Unknown
    Technology transfer required Unknown
    Additional information
    Proponent(s) Department of Energy (DOE), Climate Change Comissions
    International funder(s) International NAMA Facility (proposed source)
    Organization providing technical support
    (no data)
    Contact www.doe.gov.ph

    • To develop, implement and institutionalize support mechanisms to encourage private sector participation towards accelerated RE development;
    • To promote economic development in eco-towns through implementation of viable RE business model/s;
    • To provide alternative energy options for residential and academe sectors through market-based approach; and
    • To strengthen government planners/decision makers for legislative support to RE development.

    Activities: (2014 - 2018)
    The project consists of four main components:

    1. Capacity Assessment and Development: Including an assessment of the current state of renewable energy and the capacity of the sector, the review and redesign of polisies relating to renewable energy, and the formulation of a long term framework to support training and knowledge sharing.
    1. RE Financing Mechanism: A new financing program, called the Renewable Energy Construction Loan and Guarantee Fund (RECLGF), will be created. The RECLGF will provide a credit mechanism to finance RE investments, and is set to be implemented in the short term (1-3 years).
    1. RE Support Mechanism: The Renewable Energy Investment Coordination Center (REICC) will be founded to provide a one-stop-shop for all stakeholders and investors.
    1. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

    Impact and MRV

    No Data Available.png
    Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
    Mitigative capacity:

    No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


    Social: Information has not been provided
    Economic: Information has not been provided
    Environmental: Information has not been provided

    MRV Framework:
    No MRV plan has been defined


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