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    On developing NAMAs – discussion paper

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    Reference: Tilburg , et al. (2011) On developing NAMAs – discussion paper
    Year: 2011
    Institution: ECN
    Type of file: Report
    Countries Covered:
    Link: www.ecn.nl/publications/ECN-O--11-053

    In 2007, the Bali Action Plan introduced Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) as a central concept for a new international climate regime (UNFCCC, 2008). Countries are working towards more insight in how support for NAMAs can be made concrete. NAMA proposals are being developed and 47 countries have submitted proposed NAMAs (in more or less detail) to the UNFCCC in the first half of 2011 (UNFCCC, 2011b).Negotiations so far, have not reached agreement beyond a general framework. In particular, details regarding eligibility, financing, interactions with other instruments and measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) are yet to be agreed. In the absence of international agreement and because it takes time to move from a concept to initial pilot programmes, there are currently no actions being implemented and supported as a ‘NAMA’. To move forward on NAMAs, towards implementation and mobilising support, there is a need for clarity on how to develop a proposal and how to attract financing. The questions addressed in this discussion paper are: what steps should a Party take to develop a NAMA proposal, and what is the role of different stakeholders in each of these steps? This paper begins with a brief overview of the current status of the NAMA concept and the main open questions, followed by a discussion on developing a NAMA proposal in four initial steps.

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