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Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions




The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.

  Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
Plan Solaire Tunisia NAMA Implementation Energy Renewable energy (solar)
Renewable energy (wind)
Renewable energy (biomass)
Energy efficiency
Implementation of 40 individual projects to promote wind and solar energy, biogas and the introduction of energy efficiency measures in the transport and building sector
NAMA in the cement sector Under development Industry The objective is to reduce significantly the GHG emissions of the cement sector in Tunisia.
NAMA Forest in Tunisia Under development Forestry The objective is to widen the forest surface of the country to 10 % of the total area of the country by 2034, including forest and pastoral plantations, regeneration of the existing forests and plantation of olive trees.
NAMA on waste management Under development Waste Significant reduction of methane emissions from biodegradable waste (agricultural waste, waste products from food production and sewage sludge)
Energy conservation in the building sector Under development Buildings The proposed NAMA aims to increase the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures across the building sector


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