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Criteria for including a NAMA in the database vary according to the stage of the NAMA and are set as follows:

Stage of development Definition Criterias
Idea The potential NAMA is still in an early stage of development. In most of the cases, the information was collected from NAMA Fact Sheets and it lacks of specific criterias to frame its plan of activities. Country specified, A minimum of information about objectives, seeks international finance
Concept This stage of development is used to define NAMA Concept Notes which comes from an authorized source. The objective and potential activities to be executed have been prioritized. An early analysis of its potential mitigation impact has been conducted. Objective, Estimates for GHG mitigation, Published or traceable sources, Sector specified, Not targets, but at least some specific activities given
Proposal/Planning NAMA includes sufficient information to draw a clear idea about its potential impact as well as international support requested. Stakeholders have settled the plan of action. Cost estimates, Time frame for implementation specified, Clear proponent, Types of activities have been specified
Implementation This stage is reached once that the parties have agreed to implement the NAMA. The NAMA will provide detailed information about the plan of activities, CO2 mitigation potential, further co-benefits (economic, social and/or environmental), MRV approach, etc. Entities providing international support have been identified. Scheduled plan of activities, MRV approach and timeframe, Some support secured to undertake implementation activities, International funders and/or other organisations providing support have been specified
Completed Once that the NAMA is completed, the NAMA database will summarize its outcomes including: GHG emission reductions, co-benefits triggered, total costs and other international resources provided, MRV methodology conducted, etc. Complete summary of the NAMA
Cancelled In case that the NAMA was cancelled, the reasons why that has happened will be reported Barriers encountered, Reasons for its cancellation