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Accelerated geothermal electricity development +4,250  +
Accelerating the Market Transformation to Energy Efficient Lighting +7.05  +
Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Rice Cultivation +31.724  +
Adaptive Sustainable Forest Management in Borjomi-Bakuriani Forest District +2  +


Bio-energy generation and greenhouse-gases mitigation though organic-waste utilization +19.675  +
Biogas for onsite power generation for medium/large pig Farms +239.6  +
Blue Carbon NAMA Conserve and Restore Mangroves in the Dominican Republic +1.5  +
Bus Rapid Transit in Kigali +0.52  +


CSP NAMA +486  +
Catalytic Program for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings +76  +
Circular Economy Solid Waste Management Approach for Urban Areas +39  +
Clean Production Agreements in Chile +0.36  +
Clean energy production in the Kakheti region +166  +
Climate-Smart Dairy Livestock Value Chains in Uganda +0.53  +
Cogeneration in the mexican Oil and Gas sector +1,050  +
Combined cycle power plant in the coastal area of Syrian Arab Republic +350  +
Comprehensive mobility plan for Belo Horizonte +4,200  +
Construction of a Super-critical Lignite Power Plant TTP Kostolac B +954  +


De-risking Renewable Energy NAMA for the Nigerian Power Sector +171.53  +
Debottlenecking project finance for least cost renewables in Indonesia - DEEP NAMA +200  +
Demand-side energy efficiency programme for water pumping stations +141  +
Development and Installation of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Technologies in Pakistan +12.38  +
Development of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Greater Jakarta +3,250  +


E-mobility readiness plan +6.65  +
Efficient Biomass Stove Development, Dissemination and Commercialisation +0.5  +
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