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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Private
  • Bilateral
  • Multilateral
  • Not known

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A Regional NAMA Framework for Solar PV in the Caribbean +Not known  +
Accelerated geothermal electricity development +Not known  +
Accelerating the Market Transformation to Energy Efficient Lighting +Not known  +
Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Rice Cultivation +Not known  +
Adaptive Sustainable Forest Management in Borjomi-Bakuriani Forest District +Bilateral  +
Agroforestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Land +Not known  +
Assisted phytostabilization of massive mine wastes +Not known  +


Bio-energy generation and greenhouse-gases mitigation though organic-waste utilization +Not known  +
Bioenergy NAMA +Multilateral  +
Biogas NAMA in Vietnam +Not known  +
Biogas for onsite power generation for medium/large pig Farms +Multilateral  +
Blue Carbon NAMA Conserve and Restore Mangroves in the Dominican Republic +Not known  +
Burkina Faso Biomass Energy NAMA Support +Not known  +
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for Kampala +Not known  +
Bus Rapid Transit in Kigali +Not known  +


CSP NAMA +Multilateral  +
Car Fleet Renewal in Mexico +Not known  +
Catalytic Program for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings +Multilateral  +
Cement Industry NAMA +Not known  +
Cement NAMA +Not known  +
Cement NAMA in Peru +Not known  +
Circular Economy Solid Waste Management Approach for Urban Areas +Multilateral  +
City wide mitigation programme of Greater Amman Municipality +Not known  +
Clean Production Agreements in Chile +Not known  +
Clean energy production in the Kakheti region +Not known  +
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