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A Regional NAMA Framework for Solar PV in the Caribbean +CF-Assist
Accelerated geothermal electricity development +ECN, IKI
Agroforestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Land +GIZ


Bioenergy NAMA +SNV
Biogas for onsite power generation for medium/large pig Farms +Danish International Development Agency
Blue Carbon NAMA Conserve and Restore Mangroves in the Dominican Republic +Counterpart International
Burkina Faso Biomass Energy NAMA Support +SNV Netherlands Development Organisation


CSP NAMA +Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Cement NAMA in Peru +Perspectives Climate Change, UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme
City wide mitigation programme of Greater Amman Municipality +World Bank
Clean Production Agreements in Chile +UNEP Risoe
Co-processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) based refuse derive fuel (RDF) in cement plants in India +GIZ, adelphi
Communit Forest Partnership for Wood Biomass Based Energy - CFFBE NAMA +GIZ
Comprehensive mobility plan for Belo Horizonte +Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Parntership for Sustainable Low Carbon Transport(SloCat),


Debottlenecking project finance for least cost renewables in Indonesia - DEEP NAMA +GIZ
Decentralized PV NAMA +UNEP, World Bank, Moroccan Government
Demand-side energy efficiency programme for water pumping stations +RCREEE, Perspectives, Alcor
Demand-side energy efficiency programme in industry +RCREEE, Perspectives, Alcor
Developing a solid waste inventory and identifying NAMA options +Green Stream, Climate Focus, National Environment Fund (FONAM)
Development of concentrating solar power plants in Algeria +RCREEE, Perspectives, Alcor
Development of grid-connected renewable energy +Uganda Carbon Bureau Ltd., South Pole Carbon Asset Management
Domestic Refrigerators NAMA +DNV KEMA


E-mobility readiness plan +Ecofys, Fundacion Chile, Sistemas Sustentables
Eco-competitive Livestock sector +United nations Development Program in costa rica
Egyptian renewable energy investment +RCREEE, Perspectives, Alcor
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