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A Regional NAMA Framework for Solar PV in the Caribbean +The World Bank
Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Rice Cultivation +MDG Carbon
Adaptive Sustainable Forest Management in Borjomi-Bakuriani Forest District +Austrian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Agroforestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Land +GIZ


Bioenergy NAMA +BMUB
Burkina Faso Biomass Energy NAMA Support +Under appraisal of NAMA Facility


CSP NAMA +Clean Technology Fund (CTF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


De-risking Renewable Energy NAMA for the Nigerian Power Sector +GEF, UNDP
Demand-side energy efficiency programme for water pumping stations +GIZ, KfW
Demand-side energy efficiency programme in industry +GEF, AfDB
Developing a solid waste inventory and identifying NAMA options +Nordic Council of Ministers via the Nordic Group on Climate Change (NOAK), Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
Domestic Refrigerators NAMA +Partnership for Market Readiness


E-mobility readiness plan +International Climate Initiative (ICI)
Efficient Use of Fuel and Alternative Fuels in Indigenous and Rural Communities +Inter-American Development Bank, NAMA Facility
Enabling Distributed Solar Power in the Philippines +UK and Germany
Energy Efficiency Measures in City Hall/DPRD DKI Jakarta Office +UNDP
Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Programme (EEPBP) +NAMA Facility
Energy Generation and End Use Sectors in Sri Lanka +Global Environment Facility
Energy conservation in the building sector +UK and Germany
Energy efficient motor systems +CDKN
Energy efficient public buildings and housing in Armenia +To be identified
Enhancing vehicle renovation in Mexico +Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM)
Ethiopian Green Energy NAMA +German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Ethiopian Urban NAMA: Creating Opportunities for Municipalities to Produce and Operationalise Solid Waste Transformation (COMPOST) +GEF
Expanding self supply renewable energy systems in Chile +KfW, NAMA Facility
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