Expansion of existing heating network in Valjevo

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Sector Energy
Focus area Energy efficiency
Type of action Project
Scope Sub-national
Stage Under development
Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
Start of initiative 2013
Financing and support details
Financing status Seeking financing
Total cost EUR 7.109 mln
Financing requested EUR 7.109 mln
Financing received to-date EUR 1 mln
Principal source of financing Not known
Principal type of financing Grant
Capacity building required No
Technology transfer required No
Additional information
Proponent(s) City of Valjevo
International funder(s)
(no data)
Organization providing technical support
(no data)
Contact Mr. Selimir Manojlovic

Improve energy efficiency of district heating network

Activities: (2013 - 2017)
The NAMA is the expansion of the existing district heating network to the city areas of Valjevo with the aim of energy efficiency improvement and air pollution reduction. Total heat capacity to be connected to the district heating system under the project will be 37.85 MW. The mitigation action involves installation of a hot water network in the length of 9.7 km and closure of 25 existing inefficient heating stations (boiler rooms) and individual furnaces in 94 residential buildings. 119 new heating substations will also be constructed in order to supply heat to the total surface area of 286,649 m2. NAMA will lead to climate change mitigation through reducing fuel consumption at outdated inefficient boilers for heating.

Technical documentation has been prepared.

Impact and MRV


Cumulative GHG reductions: 0.25 MtCO2e
Mitigative capacity:

No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


Social: Information has not been provided
Economic: Creation of local employment opportunities
Environmental: Reduction of local air pollution

MRV Framework:
No MRV plan has been defined