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Two write a query, you must begin by opening an ask statement and defining your filters and properties to return:

{{#ask: [[<filters go here>]]
|? <properties to return go here>
|? <properties to return go here>

The following query can be used to obtain a list of countries that are pursuing NAMAs in transport and the titles of the NAMAs.

{{#ask:[[Category: NAMA]] [[Sector name::Transport]]
|?Country name

It gives this result:

  Country name
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for Kampala Uganda
Bus Rapid Transit in Kigali Rwanda
Car Fleet Renewal in Mexico Mexico
City wide mitigation programme of Greater Amman Municipality Jordan
Comprehensive mobility plan for Belo Horizonte, Brazil Brazil
E-mobility readiness plan Chile
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Transit Oriented Development NAMA Ethiopia
Ethiopia Railways Establishment of Climate Vulnerability Infrastructure Investment Framework NAMA Ethiopia
Ethiopian Railways Railway Academy NAMA Ethiopia
Fostering Use of Natural Gas in the Transport Sector Kazakhstan
Freight transport NAMA Mexico
Fuel Efficiency in Motor Vehicles Uganda
Fuel efficiency NAMA Vietnam
Green Urban Mobility Solution for Zambian City Integrated Tramway Zambia
Intelligent transport system Bhutan
Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Strategy in Dominica Dominica
Low-carbon bus NAMA Vietnam
Low-carbon end-use sectors in Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
NAMA TAnDem Colombia
NAMA Urban Passenger Transport Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
NAMA in the Private Road Transport Sector – Fuel Efficient Vehicles (FEVs) Lebanon
NAMA on low carbon freight transport Ecuador
NAMA on mass transit in Quito Ecuador
National Fuel Efficiency Initiative Uganda
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for Low-carbon Urban Development in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Optimization of the conventional bus system in the valley of Mexico City Mexico
Passenger Modal Shift from Road to Rail – The Gautrain Case South Africa
People-centred Urban Mobility in Thailand Thailand
Periodic Vehicle Inspection for Emissions and Roadworthiness Uganda
Production and application of hybrid and electric cars in Vietnam Vietnam
Programme for Energy Efficiency in the Transport Sector in Chile Chile
Public Transport Costa Rica
Public Transport Route Optimization and Vehicle Fleet Renovation Mexico
Public transport development in Lebanon Lebanon
Rehabilitation of arterial roads in Serbia Serbia
River Freight Transport Egypt
Rollout of electric private passenger vehicles South Africa
Santiago Transportation Green Zone Chile
Support to Sierra Leone Preparation of NAMA Sierra Leone
Supported NAMA for Improvement of Road-based Freight sector Colombia
Sustainable Urban Transport Vietnam
Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative Indonesia
Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative (SUTRI) Vietnam
Sustainable Urban Transport NAMA Peru
Sustainable transport in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Sustainable urban mobility NAMA Panama
Transit-oriented development Colombia
Transport NAMA on BRT Kenya
Unilateral NAMA: Sustainable road-based freight transport Colombia Colombia
V-NAMA for the urban transport sector Georgia

To obtain a list of countries that are pursuing NAMAs in transport or buildings in CSV format, you would write the following:

{{#ask:[[Category: NAMA]] [[Sector name::Transport]] OR [[Sector name::Buildings]]
|?Country name
|?Sector name

It gives this result: