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Literature and references

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Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions




The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.

  Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
Resource Efficiency Program for Brazil’s Beef Supply Chain Under development Agriculture
Energy efficiency The objective of the NAMA is to improve energy efficiency across the supply chain of the beef sector.

Feasibility studies for NAMAs

  Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
Comprehensive mobility plan for Belo Horizonte, Brazil Feasibility study Transport Public transport
Non-motorized transport
Passenger vehicles
Urban planning and Transit management
The aim of the Comprehensive Mobility Plan of the city of Belo Horzonte is to increase the modal share of non-motorized and public transport in Belo Horizonte in order to reduce GHG emissions, improve the quality of the transport network, and to realise other environmental benefits. This NAMA feasibility study comprised measures to enhance and promote the infrastructure and operation of these two modes, and also integrate land-use and parking policies. As the third largest city in Brazil, which has 40 cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants, replication of this activity could have a transformational impact on urban transport across the country. The marginal cost of implementing the integrated urban mobility plan was been estimated as US$2.7 billion, and the supported NAMA was estimated to cost US$36 million of this total, therefore comprising part of a wider funding package.


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