Accelerated geothermal electricity development

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Sector Energy
Focus area Renewable energy (geothermal)
Type of action Not known
Scope Not known
Stage Under development
Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
Start of initiative 2013
Financing and support details
Financing status Seeking financing
Total cost US$ 4250 mln
Financing requested US$ 288 mln
Financing received to-date
(no data)
Principal source of financing Not known
Principal type of financing Not known
Capacity building required Yes
Technology transfer required No
Additional information
Proponent(s) Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
International funder(s)
(no data)
Organization providing technical support ECN, IKI
Contact James Falzon (ECN) + 31 88 5154949

Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Chief Geologist, Geoexploration department +25420310112 Ext. 22180


The NAMA aims to support and expand on existing efforts undertaken by the Government of Kenya in the geothermal sector to create an enabling environment for a significant up-scaling of private investment necessary to achieve the desired accelerated growth.

Activities: (2014 - 2029)
Four initiatives are designed to mitigate barriers in the geothermal power sector:

  • Drilling risk mitigation instruments
  • Premium payment mechanism
  • IPP engagement and transaction support
  • National geothermail capacity building programme

Impact and MRV


Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
Mitigative capacity:

Based on 1000MW installed geothermal capacity in 2020, approximately 4.6 MtCO2e/year can be mitigated.


Social: Lower average electricity tariffs
Economic: Improved energy security; increased power for economic growth; greater energy security.
Environmental: Information has not been provided

MRV Framework:
No MRV plan has been defined